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Red Hat Storage One by Supermicro Datasheet

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Red Hat Storage One by Supermicro®
Scale-out NAS – powered by Red Hat Gluster Storage and Supermicro

Software Defined Storage Simplified

Flexible and scalable software-defined storage has already revolutionized storage deployment in the public cloud. Many organizations now embrace a software-defined approach on-premises that combines enterprise-grade storage reliability with optimized performance for specific workloads - while running on cost-effective industry-standard servers. At the same time, many desire a simpler software-defined storage solution that is easier to evaluate, procure, deploy, and support.

Red Hat Storage One by Supermicro dramatically simplifies storage deployment, and provides a ready-to-use Network File System (NFS), SMB, or high-performance POSIX-compatible FUSE distributed file system. It supports highly concurrent usage from hundreds to thousands of users, features multi-site geo-replication for disaster recovery support, and has common enterprise-ready features, such as snapshots, self-healing, and Nagios-ready monitoring.

Workload Optimized Configurations

Red Hat Storage One is available in two configurations specifically tuned for different workloads:

General Purpose NAS

  • Optimized for mixed workloads of small to medium files (64K to 50MB) with random access profiles (75r/25w).
  • Typical uses/applications are file sharing, user directories, active archives, and backup.
  • Data protection through RAID 6 + Server Node Replication (local).

Content Repository

  • Dramatically simplifies storage deployment for large-file workloads and is ideal for both video capture and video delivery applications, supporting both write-intensive (e.g., surveillance) and read-intensive (e.g., streaming) workloads.
  • Deterministic storage performance for seamless streaming and non-disruptive scaling.
  • Data protection through erasure coding.

Solution Specifications
Workload / Application General Purpose NAS Content Repository
Solution SKU SSG-6029P-RHS372
3-year subscription service & support
3-year subscription service & support
Automated Deployment Min./Max. Nodes 4 nodes 288 TB raw, 120 TB usable
24 nodes 1,728 TB raw, 720TB usable
6 nodes 576TB raw, 384TB usable
24 nodes 2,304 TB raw, 1,536 TB usable
Scalable unit Increment by 2 nodes at a time Increment by 6 nodes at a time
Data Protection Scheme RAID 6 + Server Node Replication 4+2 Distributed Disbursed (4+2 EC)
Node Level Attributes
Drive Configuration 12x 6TB, 3.5" 7.2K RPM 12 Gb/s SAS 12x 8TB, 3.5" 7.2K RPM 12 Gb/s SAS
Data protection Broadcom 3108 Hardware RAID with 2GB Cache and Flash Backup

Configured in RAID 6 (10+2)
Broadcom 3108 Hardware RAID with 2GB Cache and Flash Backup

Configured 12x single drive RAID-0
Throughput (4GB File Size) Read: 2.3 to 18.1 GB/s

Write: 1.3 to 6.5GB/s
Read: 4.2 to 18.7 GB/s

Write: 1.3 to 9.4 GB/s
Processor Two Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors 8 core/16 threads, 2.1GHz, 9.6GT
Memory 128 GB DDR4 2400MHz
Networking 2x Dual port 10G SFP+ for Storage network, Dual 10GBase-T Management ports, Dedicated IPMI
Flash Cache 375 GB Intel® Optane™ NVMe AOC
Boot Drives 2x 240GB SATA3 SSD, configured as Hardware RAID 1
Supported Protocols NFSv3, NFSv4, SMB 3.0, Fuse
Supported Clients Linux, Windows, UNIX, VMware

Red Hat Storage One Includes:


    1. Pre-configured Storage Nodes
    2. Embedded Deployment Script for up to 24 node cluster installation
    3. 3-Year Red Hat Gluster Subscription
    4. 3-Year Supermicro NBD On-site Service
    5. Quick Reference Guide
    1-Year and 5-Year Subscription & Service
    Options Available

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